Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Do Senators Frank, Kerry, et al. not see the irony in this:
Senator John Kerry said he would introduce a bill banning firms getting U.S. aid from paying for conferences and parties.

“I’m sick and tired of picking up the newspaper and reading about another idiotic abuse of taxpayer money while our country is on the brink,” Kerry said in a statement yesterday.
Northern Trust sponsored a golf tournament and they have received TARP money. So Witchhunter Kerry is on the prowl. I agree, TARP companies shouldn't necessarily be spending lavishly, but (as this WSJ opinion piece points out) Northern Trust is doing ok. But here's the IRONY:

Does Senator Kerry not realize that EVERY SINGLE ONE of his "conferences and parties" are AN IDIOTIC ABUSE OF TAXPAYER MONEY!! That's what government has become! It was that way in the Bush Admin, the Clinton Admin, the Bush Admin, the Reagan, the Carter, the Ford, the Nixon .... and of course the Obama. Here's the deal: I don't want Senator Kerry to be eating another sandwich that costs over $5 until 'our country is [off] the brink'. His 'company' is ONE GIANT FIRM GETTING U.S. AID (more appropriately, "TAKING U.S. AID"). Ug.

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