Thursday, March 5, 2009

Best Sentence I've Read Today

One of my favorite magazines that I don't read enough is "City Journal". Today, James Manzi writes on the pressures facing entrepreneurs under Obama's new spending spree and he hits the nail on the head with this:
A government-dominated economic era may not be an auspicious one in which to start companies that threaten big, incumbent corporations with lots of political clout.
Whether or not you agree with Obama expanding the scope of government in the short-term, one of the accompanying realities is that BIG government doesn't just 'go away'. So the bigger the government becomes, the more advantages accrue to incumbent corporations who (justifiably) want to stifle market entry and competition.

It's paradoxical in a way. Most Americans voted Obama into office because he was a friend of 'the little guy'. But that same 'little guy' will get crushed by connected corporations and crony-capitalism in tomorrow's BIGGER government.

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