Thursday, March 5, 2009


If something bothers me and I can't control it, I try my best to ignore it. No sense in worrying about something out of your control. Politics is something that bothers me. Politics is childish. It consists of a bunch of attention-obsessed mongers, pointing fingers and calling names. Tattling and crying. Bitching and moaning. I finished Taleb's "The Black Swan" not too long ago, and towards the end of the book, Taleb gets philosophical. He talks about not getting caught up in the rat race of life. "Live outside the rat race." Well, politics takes place within the center of that rat race.

Lies and deceits fuel politics. The worst part about politics is that if a politician is wrong about something, somebody ELSE pays the price. Sure, the politician may not win re-election, but the consequence for his ineptitude is paid by taxpayers (or worse yet, is paid with bodies).

The market however is driven by truth and virtue. Oh sure, laugh. I know that sounds outrageous to some of you, but I believe it. Lying and deceiving in the market will lead to financial ruin. Your bet will be called; you will have to pay up. Unless of course, your lying and manipulating is aided by political clout and power. When you are wrong in the market, the taxpayers don't pay; you pay. (Again, unless the politically connected manipulate).

With markets, participants can put their money where their mouth is. With politics, politicians put other people's money where their mouth is. I'd rather put the bottom of my shoe where the politicians mouth is.

Let's let people make their own choices and put their own money where their mouth is.

(Note: I just finished reading articles from both the left and the right and their childishness bothered me. I just felt the need to write about it)

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